Why Is Public Transportation Important?

As the number of users of individual cars seem to increase, so does the traffic congestion and pollution of air. Therefore, the world needs a solution to overcome this issue that leads to the frustration and complication of most individuals in the world. What should be realized i that there already is a very effective solution available for this situation that you may have not considered as a solution as of yet. Public transportation; it is the best solution that comes in handy for situations like these where most people are left helpless. The role it plays on a country in the aspects of social economic as well as environmental is quite significant. Below are some the reasons as to why public transportation is important to a country and to you.


 We all look for safety wherever we go. In fact, we blindly believe that travelling in our own vehicle is going to allow us to feel safe, although you are, completely alone on the road. Therefore, you must be aware that travelling through public transportation is considered much safer as you will be travelling with a community that will be there for you in your time of peril. In case of a sudden emergency, health or any other, there would be plenty of people to help you up and get cover without delay.


 If you pay some attention to the public services in your country, you would realize that bus services are available in almost any place of the country. Therefore, you need not worry about the absence of stations or any other issues as you will most definitely be dropped in the desired location. In fact, if you are travelling in your own vehicle, finding parking space will be the biggest challenge. Therefore, as a wise citizen, choosing to travel in a bus, train, metro etc. will allow you to travel freely without having to worry about such things.


 The more public transportation methods arrive, the more bus driver jobs in Singapore will be available. Therefore, you would realize that this enables the economy of a country to flourish; in fact, not only the country but for you as well. You can now travel for a lesser amount than in your car and not worry about having to save up for insurance, repairs or even maintenance. The country’s economy, along with yours will be balanced.


 As a community, the sense of unity is known too increase by travelling together in public transportation. People learn to respect each other and help others in their times of needs. Can it be any better than that? Therefore, keep in mind that the importance that public transportation holds t this world is high and you must, as a responsible citizen be a part of it.

Thinking Of Becoming A Professional M.C ?

Have you ever been told that you would be great on stage due to your ability in keeping a crowd entertained? Your skill in coming out with the appropriate topics and jokes in general conversation could be an area to explore professionally as a host, announcer or compère. Taking a chance at something new might also propel you to greater heights of recognition in a world where public communication in any manner is considered a challenge to a considerable number of individuals.

In order to be a successful emcee, you need to be exceptionally good at a few of these things at least;

Understand the role: to be successful and to be taken seriously, you need to fully understand the role you are required to play. Most often it is to make sure that the function goes as it should without a hitch. However apart from that there might be additional tasks such as directing guests to their seating, creating the right setting for the program to begin, get the crowd engaged and to make sure that everything goes according to time. You have to also make sure that you do not over do you act so that you distract the audience from the main purpose of the function. Entertainment is good, but you must always be able to remind guests about the main objective of being there.

Identify the key note speakers: it is recommended that an event emcee know the key note speakers and the chief guests. Just knowing them by name is not enough, you must put some effort to meet them at least for a few minutes to recognise their faces and know who they are and what they are going talk about. It is also important that you have a clear idea on how to pronounce their names. It can be pretty embarrassing if you get one of their names wrong. 

The crowd: one of the main things a great host should know is to understand the audience. Without this you will probably speak out of turn or talk about things that may not be too relevant to them. Not only this, if you do not know your audience you will not be able to get them involved in the programme. Therefore it helps to do your research to know about the audience.  This will help the announcer to tell a joke or even get them interested in a story that can set the mood for the function to continue. This will also determine the type of humour you will use.

These are a few essential skills that one must have to be a successful master of ceremonies.

The Tips To Pick Chartered Transport

Before signing up for a chartered bus travel, you should find out whether that specific service is legitimate and provides good and reliable services. Below are some of the tips to keep in mind when looking for chartered transportation services:

  • Licenses, records and ratings – when it comes to finding a good rent bus services in Singapore, you want to start by looking at the track record of the company. These companies should be willing to let you see the licenses and records of their drivers as well as get to know about the travel guides and other personnel who might come along (substitute drivers, etc.). Inquire about the ratings and certifications they have received from the government, as well as any permits that might be needed at toll stations, checkpoints, etc. Another very important set of documents to ask for is the insurances – these services must have full insurance plans, not just some third party insurance. Every document must be duly provided to you.
  • Check the status of the vehicles – certain chartered transport companies may provide minicabs, vans, cars, shuttles and other vehicles in addition to the regular private bus charter. Regardless of which vehicle you decide to hire for your needs, you need to check whether it is in a good condition or not. Do not settle for images of the vehicle; check it physically by yourself. Inspect the vehicle for any potential damages – the lack of these can indicate both a tendency towards frequent maintenance as well as a safe driving experience. Both points are favourable. In addition, check the interior: is the vehicle kept clean or not?
  • Ask about practices – inquire with the employees with regards to how the drivers conduct themselves. Does the company have stringent regulations and testing in place to avoid any incidents of driving under license? How are the drivers trained? Are they required to dress in a certain way, and remain courteous to clients? Every small thing – whether that is wearing a hat or gloves – can indicate the fact that the company is serious about providing more than a satisfactory service for their customers.
  • Does the company provide additional amenities? – there are many buses nowadays that come packed with tons of amenities you might not even know about. Since a few years back, it has been common for tour buses to include karaoke facilities and television facilities as a way to kill time during the weary travel hours, but nowadays, it is also very common for buses to have WiFi facilities! Not asking might end up with you being unaware of these amenities and being unable to make use of them (even though you paid for them!).

Every Parent’s Guide To Preschool Hunting

As any parent, it is only natural that you want the best for your child. And of the many things you will experience on this journey, selecting their school will probably be one of the most nerve-wracking jobs you will have to do. However, the good news is that you do not need to panic. In fact, there is a very high chance of you coming out the other side unscathed, provided of course that you are armed with a few tips to guide you on your way. Here are a few simple ways to get on the right track.

Your goals

Obviously this is relation to what is good for your kid, but you should break it down further. Remember your child has plenty of time to go to college and become a great academic, but there are certain experiences they only get from preschool, which are essential for adulthood. For instance, at preschool they learn to get along with others from different backgrounds and ethnicities, teaching them kindness, tolerance and acceptance, values that are incredibly important today. You can also look at a bilingual preschool to help them sharpen their language skills.

The teachers

They say that kindergarten/ preschool teachers are some of the most important people we will interact with in our lives, and that is because they form the foundation of everything we learn. Preschool teachers have a great responsibility to help mould and craft impressionable minds from a young age, so they may grow up to be responsible, worthy individuals in society one day. Meeting with them might help you understand whether their job is really their passion, which is just as vital as their qualifications and experience. Perhaps even more.


Of course you also want the preschool to be located close by. For one thing, your little one may be too little to travel long distances and be productive at school, which could hinder their learning ability. At that age, this is not advisable at all. And for another, in case of emergencies, you may not be able to make it there as soon as you would like to. So all in all, whether you do opt for a bilingual preschool Singapore or any other type, you should look for something that you have easy access to, both from home and the office.

Ask around

You may have friends and family members who are parents themselves, so you can always turn to them for resources. They will have a wealth of information to share with you, which will be invaluable for when you have to make an informed decision. Since they will also be personal recommendations, you get a first-hand account of their experiences. You can also speak to other parents of children at the school if necessary.