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Do you know of someone who is looking for a place to stay? It may be on short term or long term basis. Is he coming from a foreign country? If these are the type of questions in your mind, then we have got the solution for you.

We are one of the leading companies in Singapore with regard to renting out apartments and condos. We have many buildings and housing complexes constructed all over the country and in mainland areas. You can easily find short term serviced apartments for your friend’s stay. Contact us through our web page for more information. You can even find out by yourself by browsing through or website which contains an images gallery of how our apartments look.

All of these buildings are equipped with modern facilities and has a team of security personnel guarding it at all times. They work on shift basis, so you and your residence are always safe guarded. We have hire highly trained and skilful staff for this purpose. We take your safety very seriously.

We have the most affordable service apartments in Singapore in the entire area. Our prices are unbelievable compared to what we provide for it. We also charge a minimal fee for maintenance purposes. The service you get for the amount is much. You can read reviews on our constructions online. We have been praised many times by the media due to our most affordable houses. We have also participated in many housing and lifestyle exhibitions in national and international level.

Our constructions are one of a kind from the whole region. Each has its own uniqueness. You cannot find two units exactly like each other. You can get a customized unit for you based on request. Additional charges would be added for this as it requires more man power, but it would be very minimal. All rooms are fully air conditioned and tiled for your convenience. You can also request it to be carpeted if that is how you need it to be.

A residence should be located in a place of convenience. We follow by that rule as all our complexes are locations in places of convenience. You can reach anywhere via public transport or go shopping in just a matter of a few minutes. So get hold of this opportunity to own a living space for yourself or you can even recommend it to a friend or known person. We invite you to come and have a look at our constructions personally in order to get a full view of these excellent masterpieces.

Tips On Sleeping Better For A More Beneficial Night Sleep

If you are not getting sufficient sleep, then these tips and suggestions will help you sleep better.

 Tire yourself out through out the day

 Did you know that exercising or playing sports can actually help you sleep better? It is simply because you sleep better when you body actually craves to sleep; rather than when you force it to sleep when it is not tired. We understand that having a busy work schedule means not a lot of time for exercising; but even 30 minutes of work out in the morning or when you get back home can help a great deal. Even taking badminton classes in the weekend, swimming a few times a week, or even cycling everyday to work can actually help you sleep better.

 Avoid eating meals up to 3 hours prior to your bedtime

 The amount of food you eat and the time you eat dinner at actually makes a huge in the quality of your sleep. Try to eat a small portion of food for dinner, preferably at least 3 hours prior to your bedtime. Try to have your badminton coaching in Singapore in the earlier parts of the day, so that you can eat muscle recovering foods after. Avoid caffeine and alcohol (if not entirely) during the later part of the day. This includes smoking as well.

 Keep anything that will avoid you from sleeping out of your bedroom

 Just like a student will find even a plain wall distracting when they sit to study, for someone who has difficulty falling asleep, even the smallest things can keep you from sleeping. One of the main issues with sleeplessness, is our mobile phones. Not only does it keep us distracted so we don’t notice the hours passing, its light also helps us be more alert. If you have to use your mobile phone as your alarm, then at the very least, turn off the mobile data or Wi-Fi in it. It is also a good idea to ask your late night callers to avoid doing so. 

 Invest on comfortable mattresses and softer pillows

 The comfort of your body while you try to sleep is also very important when trying to sleep better. If you are using an older mattress, the discomfort might keep you up. The same goes with your pillows. Consider replacing your mattresses. If you are not willing to do so at the moment, consider getting it professionally vacuumed instead. This too can help your mattress feel more refreshed and softer. Apart from this, your bedroom curtains too can interrupt your sleep by letting light in. if this is true in your case, consider getting blinds to totally block out the lights and get better sleep.

Deciding On Your Marriage Guest List? Here Are Some Tips

Deciding the guest list for your wedding can be a very daunting task indeed! Especially if you are someone who has a lot of friends and family! So if you are feeling guilty about not being able to invite each and every one of them, then this guide will help you make the decisions of who to invite and who you can leave out!

Make a count of how many can be accommodated and a rough guest list

You need to first know how many people you can accommodate at the reception area. That will help you decide the who you need to be calling. Before deciding who to invite, you should know how many you can invite. Thereafter you need to make a rough guest list of all those you think you should be inviting for your marriage. If you and your partner plan on giving both your immediate family members the chance to invite some guests of their own, then you need to include them in your rough guest as well!

Finalize the guest list

Next you need to finalize the guest list. Whether you host your marriage at a wedding venue 5 star hotel Mumbai you need to ensure that you only the number of people the place can comfortably accommodate. Now you will need to prioritize the guest list according to the most important to the least. And then you will have to cut off the names of the least important. You can have RSVP added onto the invitation cards, so that if any one calls up with being unable to attend the function you can invite another person although it would be last minute! Something is better than nothing right!

 Are you cutting out too much? Plan a second party?

 If you are unable to invite a lot of your important guests, then you will have no other option than to have a second party! This can be a simple lunch or dinner arranged at a local restaurant or even at home, if you are able to accommodate the crowd. That way you will not be missing out having some people who actually mean a lot to you, at your marriage ceremony! Or if you don’t think it is necessary to have an actual meal, you can have a simple tea party arranged at home and utilize that money for a luxury spa in Mumbai hotel!

 Avoid inviting more than or less than necessary!

Do keep in mind that when you are writing the guest list that not everyone on that list will come. Especially if you included many people from far away destinations or people you don’t have much contact with, you ne sure of at least 10% of the invited guests not turning up. So, if you are having a guest list of say about 300 guests, you can be assured of at least 25 to 30 guests not turning up! So, you can always invite about 10% more guests than the actual level of accommodation!