Deciding On Your Marriage Guest List? Here Are Some Tips

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Deciding the guest list for your wedding can be a very daunting task indeed! Especially if you are someone who has a lot of friends and family! So if you are feeling guilty about not being able to invite each and every one of them, then this guide will help you make the decisions of who to invite and who you can leave out!

Make a count of how many can be accommodated and a rough guest list

You need to first know how many people you can accommodate at the reception area. That will help you decide the who you need to be calling. Before deciding who to invite, you should know how many you can invite. Thereafter you need to make a rough guest list of all those you think you should be inviting for your marriage. If you and your partner plan on giving both your immediate family members the chance to invite some guests of their own, then you need to include them in your rough guest as well!

Finalize the guest list

Next you need to finalize the guest list. Whether you host your marriage at a wedding venue 5 star hotel Mumbai you need to ensure that you only the number of people the place can comfortably accommodate. Now you will need to prioritize the guest list according to the most important to the least. And then you will have to cut off the names of the least important. You can have RSVP added onto the invitation cards, so that if any one calls up with being unable to attend the function you can invite another person although it would be last minute! Something is better than nothing right!

 Are you cutting out too much? Plan a second party?

 If you are unable to invite a lot of your important guests, then you will have no other option than to have a second party! This can be a simple lunch or dinner arranged at a local restaurant or even at home, if you are able to accommodate the crowd. That way you will not be missing out having some people who actually mean a lot to you, at your marriage ceremony! Or if you don’t think it is necessary to have an actual meal, you can have a simple tea party arranged at home and utilize that money for a luxury spa in Mumbai hotel!

 Avoid inviting more than or less than necessary!

Do keep in mind that when you are writing the guest list that not everyone on that list will come. Especially if you included many people from far away destinations or people you don’t have much contact with, you ne sure of at least 10% of the invited guests not turning up. So, if you are having a guest list of say about 300 guests, you can be assured of at least 25 to 30 guests not turning up! So, you can always invite about 10% more guests than the actual level of accommodation!