How To Help Your Toddler When He’s Learning To Talk

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If you ask us about what age a child usually starts to talk, we won’t be able to answer you. This is because every child has his own speed and capability. Some children learn to talk before they walk, and some only learn to talk after they’ve started running around. So, if your child is a little late in talking in comparison to other babies, don’t worry about it.
This said, we do admit that no matter how many times we’ve seen it happen, or how many children you’re around, those months that your baby begins to speak are certainly special. Even if all they can say is “ma-mma” or “da…dah!”, you feel this insane pride over their accomplishment. Soon, you’ll be trying out words and sounds with them, trying to speed up the process. Here are our tips on how you can help your toddler grasp the spoken language faster.
Talk to themNo, really. Talking to your children when they’re just beginning to learn to speak gives them the encouragement that they need. It also helps them learn new words and their meanings. Children with older siblings generally learn to speak faster for this reason. It’s alright if they don’t understand everything you say yet, make sure that both you and your husband/wife talk to your toddler as much as you can.
Sneak the lessons into play timeIf you tire of speaking to a drooling baby, or feel a little foolish for doing so, then combine a few more learning techniques. Your child is now able to see and hear, so introduce intelligent toys and learning games to them. Puzzle blocks for toddlers are as important as that toy which helps him learn the animal noises. Make a huge deal of them learning something new or accomplishing something. This encourages them to try harder.
Monitor what they watch on the televisionIf learning toys or flash cards for babies are not doing it for you or your child, then try something else out. We know most toddlers now-a-days enjoy watching cartoons. Monitor the channels they watch so that you know what they are learning each day. choose a channel that has proper language, and one that teaches them something. Make sure to keep them at a safe distance so they don’t damage their tender and untrained eyes.
It’s time to mingle and make friendsLike we mentioned before, children with older siblings learn to speak much faster than an only child. If your child doesn’t have a sibling, them it’s time you help them make friends. Take them out to parks that have a lot of children from his/her age group. Take them to library story days and parties where you know other kids will be. Have play dates; go over and invite them to your place as well. Just make sure you like the behavior of your toddler’s “friends” before they get too close…!