Important Points You Need To Know About Engraving

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We all know that engraving brings added value to any item. A simple ceramic mug or a wooden plank can increase its value by far depending on how personalized, how customized and how creative the finished item is. Regardless of the value, the person receiving the item will find it extremely special since its personalized just keeping that individual in mind. So if you are looking for the perfect option and how to engrave and personalize a gift for that special person, here’s what you need to know.

Engraving in wood and particles
If you have created a design or any specific image, and needs to be engraved or burnt in piece wood. Wood is considered to be a great median for engraving purposes. However you need to understand the difference in texture and density in different types of wood such as natural wood chunk or Plywood or MDF boards. Always remember that wood does not have a uniform texture unlike any other manufactured materials. Similar to the strength of a welding machine in Singapore these engraving machines can do significant damage to the wood if worked with incorrect settings. The wooden grains take different densities and textures according to the prevailing season and it will each burn in differently in different stages depending on the grain texture. The darker parts of the wood are denser and burning time takes longer in comparison to the lighter parts of the wooden surface which is softer and takes less time to burn. If you wish to obtain one uniform result with no distinctive changes in the final outcome, then it is best to work with plywood than natural wooden chunk where the top layer is more even and uniform.

The trouble with overlapped lines
If you have engraved or done laser cutting that offers competetive price before and noticed that certain parts are darker or burnt than any other areas in the entire artwork. This is simply due to the reason that the line maybe overlapping in the design you have created. To avoid this from happening, it is best to limit the number of times that lines overlap each other in design or image. Even those the image may look like there is one line the system however identifies it as two and tends to override each line which makes the image burnt the second time.

The only way to fix this system issue to minimize lines overlapping which is naturally a waste of time and an unwanted a cut. Make sure to align the lines in a connecting manner and not overlapping one another.