Multinational Companies Are Buried With Traditions Of Different Countries

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There are many companies have unpleasant experiences while trying to release their brands in different countries because of their traditions. Many countries will not accept their brands and will lose in millions because of it. Some companies have differentiated the same product to match the traditional ways of the country. But sometime the developed product cannot be changed according to the traditional ways of the country. If there is a market with majority of women in it you plan a marketing campaign based on women but some countries does not accept the fact that women are used as commodities then they will reject that idea and they will boycott the product. Such situation should be avoided. Therefore verifying the market and following their traditions will allow the entrance to that country will be easier.
Identifying the best methods to get accepted in traditional markets
If you are a company which sells steel ladders then the best way to market your product will be through the country’s famous painting contractor or building contractors or house hold products that are well established in the country. Then the chance of your product being accepted is higher than marketing it alone. Since these companies are already accepted by the people and they will feel confident in purchasing your product. Hence the key to the marketing campaign is that the people think that these companies use your products to continue their work.
Moreover if you are a service providing company such as painting in Singapore, catering services, cleaning services etc. providers then you should make sure that when you market your service that you include the country’s traditional way in your marketing campaign. This method will increase your chance of being accepted by the customers. You need to make them feel comfortable using your services since the service is new and they feel insecure in being the first to use your service.
Furthermore it is essential to use people from the country to market the product or be n the show rooms or offices since people will feel reluctant to approach people from other countries. Moreover the language used in all the marketing materials including the television commercials should be in the native languages.
Why do people cling to their traditions?
Sometimes it comes as a surprise even people who are well recognized for their education capacity are still clinging on to their country’s traditions. They feel that the tradition is something that is unique to those people and that identifies them. They can be differentiated and made feel important since their rich cultural ways are only exclusive for them. There only few countries still hold on to their traditions yet they are very rich, warm welcoming people but does not like anything disrupting their traditions.