Party Food In A Hurry

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Throwing a party together is a breeze until you remember that you have to order food. Unless you are throwing a college party (you only need booze for that) you will need serious food and some alcohol too. Once you have a lock on the date, the venue, and the music, you can turn to the food. Here are some suggestions on where and how to source party food on the double.

Bakery Products
Things such as cakes, muffins, pineapple tarts in Singapore and other finger food take a long time to make so instead of unloading the entire order on one baker, take your business to several different places. Sure this means more work for you in terms of keeping track, but it also means that if one place fails at least you will be covered with another place. The important thing at a party is to have variety not quantity because very few individuals will devour every kind of food on offer. Go to places that are reliable, that deliver on time and do a high quality job and make sure they’ve got the order right.

Fast Food
While pizza may not necessarily spell party, you can always mix things up a bit with other types of fast food such as chicken wings and small burghers. These can be ordered in large quantities from multiple outlets and you can them piping hot and ready to go. There is no need to wait. If you do have advance warning however, you may even be able to wrangle a deal for a discount with the area manager. Nowadays, every kind of cuisine is available under the ‘fast food’ label: Italian, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Ethiopian and Japanese are among a few. Go wild and go fast!

Run the Aisle in a Supermarket
You can also hit the supermarkets on your way. Gone are the days when macaron was grandma’s secret; today they are packed and ready to be picked up in the dessert section of many supermarkets. Other such products include pies, mini muffins and cakes. All of the above can be bought separately and then decorated on your own using ready-made icing. Then there are the savoury snacks such as chips and dips which are again available in the supermarkets and come in different sizes. You can always buy a family sized pack of sausages and do a barbecue in the backyard, or even fry them and keep them out for ‘bites.’

Make It a Contribution
As a last resort you can turn your party into one big pot-luck. At a pot-luck, everyone brings something to the party. No one needs to bring enough food for everyone but if they all contribute, then there will be enough food to go around. Simple things like sandwiches, small pies, biscuits, soups etc. can make the day while fizzy drinks and alcohol are always welcome.