Perfect Date Ideas That Won’t Take A Lot Of Planning

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For those last minute dates that you didn’t think of planning beforehand… 

  • A day at the aquarium or arcade date – when was the last time you did something childish in a date? The activities we did as children has a certain simple kind of pleasure in it; an uncomplicatedness that will surely make you and your loved one have a good time. In the case of the aquarium, depending on the size of your local aquarium, it can be a full day’s worth of a trip[Symbol]so it’s more apt for a weekend date. In contrast, the arcade date is as simple, and just as fun; but you don’t need to spend the who day there. One of those week days that you get off work early is perfect for such a date.  
  • A drive towards nature date – spending time with nature is important in so many ways. It’s also a great date idea to make a day out of connecting with nature. A lake, a river, private and secluded woods or even a hill overlooking a great view will work well here as your “destination”. Simply drive there with a basket full of snacks and activities for you to do and enjoy your day! If you don’t have a car of your own, get yourself a budget car rental to help you out. If the distance isn’t too great, even a trip on your bicycles could be fun! You can view more information by visiting
  • A picnic at the park or your local playground date – while a rent a car Singapore service is brilliant for helping you travel, we understand that sometimes, it’s hard to find the right ones in short notice. If your date is the spur of the moment variety, and you don’t have the time to travel a distance opt to go for a picnic date at your local park or playground. Laze around in the sunshine or push each other on the swings. This idea too has been inspired by childhood activities and those simpler pleasures. 
  • A glorified movie day at home – what do you do when you want to have a date with your loved one, but neither of you are really up for dressing up and heading out? One of the most common date ideas is going to watch a movie; and this could be arranged right in the comfort of your home! Just rent out a movie that you both love, make yourselves some popcorn, then settle into a comfy couch and let the date night start! Alternatively, you can skip the movie renting (if that cannot be arranged), and opt for watching funny videos on YouTube instead… 
  • Exploring your home town date – have you ever played the tourist in your own home town? If you haven’t, this is a great last minute date idea! Discover new cafes you’ve never tried, or rediscover old tourist hotspots you haven’t visited in years. Doing so with your loved one will only double the fun! rent a car singapore