Risks Of Pulling An All Nighter

All college students go through this stage in life where they have the ‘stamina’ to stay up all through the night, cramming for exams for the next day. During these days sleep is considered a luxury, rather than a basic necessity. Gulping down all the coffees’, and red bull to stay up all night have all proven cause certain consequences to the body be it short term or long term. Many experts in this field have studied and analyzed several cases and have put out many factors which are likely to happen if the required sleep is not attained. Given below are few of these factors.

Negative effects on your body

Not providing your body with the required amount of sleep, will only increase the amount of fatigue and tiredness an individual feels. This will in turn make you rather groggy and irritable which are both factors that will make you as a person seem unsociable. Being constantly in a state of wanting sleep will play havoc among your emotions, thus the heightening of these feelings will only lead to developing anxiety, and go further in causing depression and bipolar disease in some others.

Affects your looks

Ever wondered why sleep is considered beauty sleep? It is during this sleep that we get, the body and our faces rejuvenate, giving the required rest that we need. Not sleeping for the required amount of time, leads to individuals becoming unstable and shaky, the skin tone tends to change, and there will be a high need getting a dark eye circles and eye bags treatment very soon. Signs of sleep deprivation will also include a disheveled look, making you look like you’ve been run over by something. Not being able to get the necessary sleep for one or two days will not be of much harm, but when this becomes a routine thing, it goes hand in hand with an increase in the weight of oneself.

No academic gain

Many remain awake through the night to soak in all their notes for an upcoming exam, but what they do not know is the fact that staying up all night may cause more harm to academics than going to sleep. The strategy of studying all night is considered to be a bad strategy. When you are sleep deprived, you may not know or understand what you are reading, which ultimately leads to you not remembering what you studying, making the whole process of staying up useless. You will not have any academic gain, and in addition have to spend on procedures such as dark eye circles and eye bags treatment to start looking like a normal human being.

Long term effects

For us to achieve the levels of success we desire, we need to have a high level of learning capacity. According to research, it is proven that long term effects of sleep deprivation leads to the decrease of our learning capacity, making the whole process of staying up a waste. Staying up all night cramming a semester worth of studies in one day may help you get through the exam on the next day, but may not be beneficial in the long run, when you would truly require skills of learning.

Next time you plan on staying up all night, think of the effects of it to your body, and try and refrain from it or not do it excessively over time.