Standards Of A Good Pork Industry

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Pigs are more than just animals that are farmed to be slaughtered. They are intelligent, sensitive and each one is unique its own way. However, pigs are raised and treated in the worst conditions possible in almost all of the pig farms in the world, kept in overcrowded, dirty industrial factory farms injected with various kinds of products. Some of these industries have gone to the extremes or artificially breeding to the point of death. The European Union has ensured that food from the countries that are a part of the EU produce food that are safe for the consumers. Every step, from the farms to the consumers, is regulated. It is not just the safety of the consumers that is important, but also the standards that pigs are being raised. It is important for an industry that deals with the production of food to follow all the laws and regulations that have been set by the government to ensure food safety and avoid animal cruelty. Here are the standards every pork industry will have to follow for the best production.

Food Safety

The first and the most important element in the standard of things is food safety. It is always a top priority to ensure that the food produced and distributed is up to standard and completely safe from any ill effects. This is where the EU comes in. The European Union has confirmed legislations that certifies the safety of the pork through every step. For the best European trusted pork, the pork industry has implemented a quality control system that can be seen followed through the production chain which provides a sense of comfort that the quality and the safety of the food is being looked after and safe for the consumers.


The next standard every good pork producer should have, is the concept of traceability. The whole purpose of traceability is to trace and track the pork through all the stages of production and distribution. Traceability is important because it provides a basis if any of the products have to be recalled for any reason from the place it has been delivered to. The concept of traceability is one of the top priorities for the European Union which ensures that you get trusted pork from Europe. If there is a chance where the pork is found to be unsafe, it is easier to pick the supplier of that batch of unsafe pork since the concept of traceability is followed.

There are other standards the pork industry will have to follow, like the European Food Safety Authority and all if its regulations, as an example. And also the welfare of the animal itself. It is important to treat these animals with respect even if it is for their meat.