The Tips To Pick Chartered Transport

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Before signing up for a chartered bus travel, you should find out whether that specific service is legitimate and provides good and reliable services. Below are some of the tips to keep in mind when looking for chartered transportation services:

  • Licenses, records and ratings – when it comes to finding a good rent bus services in Singapore, you want to start by looking at the track record of the company. These companies should be willing to let you see the licenses and records of their drivers as well as get to know about the travel guides and other personnel who might come along (substitute drivers, etc.). Inquire about the ratings and certifications they have received from the government, as well as any permits that might be needed at toll stations, checkpoints, etc. Another very important set of documents to ask for is the insurances – these services must have full insurance plans, not just some third party insurance. Every document must be duly provided to you.
  • Check the status of the vehicles – certain chartered transport companies may provide minicabs, vans, cars, shuttles and other vehicles in addition to the regular private bus charter. Regardless of which vehicle you decide to hire for your needs, you need to check whether it is in a good condition or not. Do not settle for images of the vehicle; check it physically by yourself. Inspect the vehicle for any potential damages – the lack of these can indicate both a tendency towards frequent maintenance as well as a safe driving experience. Both points are favourable. In addition, check the interior: is the vehicle kept clean or not?
  • Ask about practices – inquire with the employees with regards to how the drivers conduct themselves. Does the company have stringent regulations and testing in place to avoid any incidents of driving under license? How are the drivers trained? Are they required to dress in a certain way, and remain courteous to clients? Every small thing – whether that is wearing a hat or gloves – can indicate the fact that the company is serious about providing more than a satisfactory service for their customers.
  • Does the company provide additional amenities? – there are many buses nowadays that come packed with tons of amenities you might not even know about. Since a few years back, it has been common for tour buses to include karaoke facilities and television facilities as a way to kill time during the weary travel hours, but nowadays, it is also very common for buses to have WiFi facilities! Not asking might end up with you being unaware of these amenities and being unable to make use of them (even though you paid for them!).