Things To Do When Moving Into Your College Apartment

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College is a big step in the life of any adolescent. It is the time where they leave behind the security blanket of their childhood friends, family and home and step into the big bad world out there. This is often a time of great excitement, mixed with fear and anxiety. Making new friends, marking your boundaries and getting into the whole college rhythm is of great importance. The place you live in when you are in college has a big say on your social life. While some prefer to live in dorms, others prefer to live on their own in apartments. Here are some things to do before you move into your college apartment and with it, your new life.
Tidy up
Most college apartments are being used right throughout the year and vacated throughout the summer. Most often, since there is a high demand for them, landlords do not take much trouble to clean them up. So if you enter into an apartment and see some rotting food from the last semester left by the previous tenant, do not turn up your nose. These things are common and a part and parcel of college life. If you really like the apartment, contact local cleaning services in Singapore to set it straight for you. Once they have done their bit, tidy up the apartment and you will be good to go.

Buy the essentials
Now that the cleaning services have left you with a spick and span apartment it is time to buy the essentials for your college apartments. More often than not it is common for people to blow off all their college funds on decorating your apartment. While it is true that you need to make your living space habitable and beautiful, keep in mind that this is only going to be your home for a few years. Therefore, it would not do to furnish it with the most expensive antique furniture out there. So instead focus first on the essentials. If you are living alone, a fridge is an essential. A microwave oven to heat up whatever that you decide to keep in the fridge would also be an essential. Most landlords provide the basic furniture such as a bed, table and a chair. In addition to this, whatever else that you need to buy can be bought for quite cheap from the local flea markets. If you are living with an apartment mate, divide the cost of essentials with him as well.
Divide the chores
Once you have the apartment sorted out, go ahead and divide the chores among your apartment mates. Make sure that you have a roster to cook and clean the household and for any other chores that you may have. Keep in mind that great friendships have been broken over whose turn it is to scrub the kitchen floor this week!