Tips For Getting Your Kid To Read Before Going To Bed

According to many research projects that have been carried out, the concluding text that usually appears on some papers is that reading is essential for child’s early development. Reading is a good source of brain food for making your kid grow up intellectually strong and making it a habit for them is good in long run as well. Usually kids starts reading around 5 or 6 years of age and then getting them into the habit takes another year (or a decade if you’re unlucky).

Start by getting into the bed with them and lessening the atmosphere

Kids are a lot smarter than you think and they can pick up your habits when you do not even realize you are doing them. So if you do the putting to bed ritual with a book at the start of the week, by the end of second week your kid will not come anywhere near the bed with you (if they hate reading). So start by starting the putting to bed ritual with some cuddling, joking and playing with your child. By the time they start to get drowsy, start reading to them. Reading to your child is the best way to get used to books and the activity of reading. Keep the fingers running on the lines as you are reading so that they can figure out words easily.

Get the help from their preschool in Singapore

The best method of putting the ideas of how the world runs into your kid’s brain is through preschool education. Kindergarten is one of the basic and most essential of experiences that your child needs to go through. They learn socializing norms, build their personality and learn the basics of behaviour from other children and the instructors. So if you want your child to think of bedtime reading as a habit that they should develop, then get the kindergarten teacher to help you out. If the kindergarten ends with reading sessions and the teacher encourages reading at night as well, then your child will think of it as something that needs to be done as well.

For small children there are no better examples than their own parents. If your child sees you sitting down and reading uninterrupted then they will think of it as normal. And 90% of the time your child will start imitating you even without understanding the action. Grab this chance when you see your baby trying to read a heavy book you had with you and give them something they will like. Then from there on you can sit them down with you when you are reading as well.