Tips To Securing That Venue For Official Ceremonies

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Every occasion that is celebrated, promoted or planned is unique and requires a distinct approach. The objectives and what activities can all vary from one ceremony to another; however one aspect that is a must and unavoidable is the location you select to host the convention.

Event organisers of various levels understand the importance of getting the venue right. Make a bad decision and it can all backfire. Therefore we spoke to some of the experts in the industry to identify some crucial tips to follow in order to secure the all important venue.

  • Brief: this is the first step to get everyone involved, on the same page. A brief will include all the details regarding the ceremony or convention that is to take place. It will have all the details external stakeholders or vendors may need as well. A brief can be sent to potential venues to respond with their proposals. This will greatly aid in narrowing down the options that you have.
  • Clarity: be clear when writing the brief; make sure you cover areas such as budget, capacity, ease of access and other services. Make sure to mention areas you are willing to compromise on as well. This will make sure that only the most competent will respond to your call.
  • Relationships: it is important that you as a corporate event planner in Singapore nurture and maintain cordial relationships with all venues and their staff. This is because you may never know when you will have to go back to them.
  • Be creative: do not worry about using a space creatively. Read about creative planning and identify spaces with future potential. Even unconventional spaces can work wonderfully if selected for the right occasion.
  • One contact person: make sure that you correspond with only one venue manager. This is will definitely reduce the amount of emails from multiple individuals at the same location. It is will also allow you to build a rapport with them while also making coordination relatively easy. This will also help to build a good relationship between your organisation and the venue which is good for business for both parties.
  • As a partner: don’t make the mistake of treating your venue and the staff as mere suppliers. They come with a wealth of knowledge that can help in many situations. Therefore make sure to treat them and communicate with them properly. Your tone and attitude can really indicate to them the nature of the relationship you wish to have with them.

These are some of the important areas that can help you in securing the right venue for the right function. As it shows the effort will be well worth it.