To Live Your Dreams

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Do you know of someone who is looking for a place to stay? It may be on short term or long term basis. Is he coming from a foreign country? If these are the type of questions in your mind, then we have got the solution for you.

We are one of the leading companies in Singapore with regard to renting out apartments and condos. We have many buildings and housing complexes constructed all over the country and in mainland areas. You can easily find short term serviced apartments for your friend’s stay. Contact us through our web page for more information. You can even find out by yourself by browsing through or website which contains an images gallery of how our apartments look.

All of these buildings are equipped with modern facilities and has a team of security personnel guarding it at all times. They work on shift basis, so you and your residence are always safe guarded. We have hire highly trained and skilful staff for this purpose. We take your safety very seriously.

We have the most affordable service apartments in Singapore in the entire area. Our prices are unbelievable compared to what we provide for it. We also charge a minimal fee for maintenance purposes. The service you get for the amount is much. You can read reviews on our constructions online. We have been praised many times by the media due to our most affordable houses. We have also participated in many housing and lifestyle exhibitions in national and international level.

Our constructions are one of a kind from the whole region. Each has its own uniqueness. You cannot find two units exactly like each other. You can get a customized unit for you based on request. Additional charges would be added for this as it requires more man power, but it would be very minimal. All rooms are fully air conditioned and tiled for your convenience. You can also request it to be carpeted if that is how you need it to be.

A residence should be located in a place of convenience. We follow by that rule as all our complexes are locations in places of convenience. You can reach anywhere via public transport or go shopping in just a matter of a few minutes. So get hold of this opportunity to own a living space for yourself or you can even recommend it to a friend or known person. We invite you to come and have a look at our constructions personally in order to get a full view of these excellent masterpieces.